About One Lens

lensEach of us has a lens through which we see life. That lens forms our beliefs, guides our choices and shapes the experiences that take us on our own individual journeys.

One Lens Film Festival is a one night film festival that will feature 7 short films highlighting the human experience through the lens of a diverse group of filmmakers. The festival will showcase a variety of different genres: comedy, drama, thriller, and sci-fi as well as documentary short films.

We challenge filmmakers to take us to the edge with their creativity and submit films that will make us laugh, cry, think, and take the audience on a journey. We not only want to empower artists to create, but we also see film being used to bring awareness to issues like human trafficking, poverty, racism, and corruption around the world. So whether it’s uplifting the world through laughter or giving a voice to social injustice, share your stories with us!

It is our goal for all participants to walk away inspired to create excellent work and to see life through a new lens.